Tips on Using the System

  1. Use only one account to manage your online applications. Do not create multiple accounts for different staff members.
  2. Each time you apply, be sure to review and if applicable, update your organization details in the Organizational Profile section. Keep your contact information current so you do not miss any important announcements sent through the system.
  3. You will find all currently open applications and reports in the Current Programs and Applications tab. 
  4. When on the Current Programs and Applications tab, be sure to scroll when looking for applications, often times there are many listed.
  5. When getting ready to start your online application, be sure to select the correct program. Double check you are responding to the right application.
  6. City staff recommends drafting responses in a word processor prior to inputting the information into the online portal. This will help you identify any spelling or grammatical errors. You can cut and paste your responses into the online application.
  7. To avoid a loss of data, and a headache, save your work often. Use the “Save Work” button located on the bottom of each application page.
  8. Character Limits: Every narrative question has a character limit that the system will not allow you to exceed. These limits are displayed under each question as you enter text into the input box. 
  9. On the online application, staff recommends taking advantage of the Help Text. If you see a blue question mark next to a question, the staff has provided additional text to provide further clarity on the question.
  10. Want to see what the panelist sees? Download a PDF copy of your application from the Current Programs and Applications tab.
  11. Experiencing technical issues? Call City staff with your questions.