Tips on Using the System

  • You must complete one online application per grant request.
  • This system connects to a database through the Internet.
    To avoid loss of data, please save your work frequently by clicking the save button.

  • We recommend that you compose all narrative responses for the application on a word processor such as MS Word. This will allow you to perform a character count and spell check on your responses prior to filling out the online application. You can then cut and paste your answers into the application. This will also keep you from losing your work in the event that you are disconnected from the Internet.
  • On the application page, you can click on the info button to get further instructions on a specific question. The button looks like this:
  • ATTENTION MAC USERS: If you are having a problem viewing your application's answers on the system, and you are on a Mac (Operating System 9-10) using Internet Explorer (IE), here are some helpful hints to properly view your grant application:
    -If you have the browsers Safari or Netscape Navigator on your computer, log onto your application using either of these, instead of Internet Explorer. Once you have done this, you should be able to view your current application without the need to re-input data.
    -If using Safari or Netscape to access your application is not possible, you will need to delete all cookies each and every time you log onto your application.
    -Deleting Cookies: Go to Explorer/Preferences/Receiving Files/Cookies. Click on the top entry in the cookie list; scroll down to the bottom of the list; hold down the shift key and click on the bottom entry. This should select all of your cookies. Click Delete, then OK. From there, shut down Internet Explorer, open it up again and re-log onto your application. This should solve the problem. You will need to do this every time that you log onto your grant application.