INSTRUCTIONS: How to Upload Digital Samples

Part 1: Upload Work Sample Files to your Library

  1. Make sure you are logged in to your GoSmart account at
  2. After you log in, on the top menu select "Manage Work Samples" to review and add files to your work samples library.

    Please keep in mind, this is a repository or “bank” of your work samples, not your application. You will be given the option to select samples from the bank when completing your RFP. In other words, adding digital media to your application is a two-step process: First, you will upload files to your image, audio, video or document banks. Second, you will go into your RFP’s “work samples” page and select which files from each of your banks you want to add to the application.

  3. Please review the instructions on the  Work Samples Main Menu and the instructions provided by Commission Staff at

    When you are ready to upload your image, audio, video or document samples of and/or view your bank for any type of file, click the button that corresponds to the type of file you want to add or review. For example, click "Video" to proceed to the video bank page. Please be sure to review the requirements for each type of file prior to uploading your file(s).

  4. After clicking the file type button, you will be taken to the work sample bank for that file type. On this page, you will see a listing of the files currently in that specific bank. If this is your first application, you will see an empty bank. To add files to the bank, click the  "Add Audio Samples" button or the "Add Video Samples" (for example) will take you to the appropriate upload page.
  5. For audio and video files, on the upload page, you must first select "Digital File" in the "Media" drop-down menu. Next, click "Choose File" to browse your computer for the file you intend to upload. Once you find and select your file, double-click on the file or click "open" to select the file for upload. Enter a title for the work sample to be uploaded; this is the only required field.  Click the "Add Audio Sample" button at the bottom of the page to upload the sample to your bank.

Part 2: Add your selected samples to your RFP

  1. Once you have uploaded the work sample(s) to your bank, click on the "Current Programs & Applications" button top menu. Select your current RFP.
  2. Within your RFP click on the link titled "Work Samples" in the list of application content.
    1. You will see two buttons this time under each heading (image, audio, video, written documents): One button will be to go to your bank; the other button will be to make a selection from your bank and add it to the application.
      1. To add a file to your application, click the “Make Selection” button.
      2. Select the file that you want, then click “Save.” On this page, you will also indicate the order in which you would like the panelists to review your samples.
    2. Follow the same procedure for each file you want to attach to your application. Remember you should only select 3 work samples.

Digital Sample Requirements
Please follow these technical requirements when creating your digital sample:

Audio Sample Format Requirements:

  1. Allowable Audio Files: MP3, WAV, AIF, WMA
  2. File Size: Your samples cannot be more than 10 MB large.

Video and Photo Sample Format Requirements:

  1. Allowable Video Files: MP4, MOV, MPG, MPEG, MXF, WMV
  2. Allowable Image Files: JPG, JPEG
  3. Resolution: Minimum of 72 dpi
  4. File Size: Your samples cannot be more than 100 MB

Digitizing Resources
The vendor of this online application system, WESTAF, recommends that you get help from a professional video editor or work with the artist or artist manager to get the best quality work sample. Below are suggested resources that may help get digital work 
samples, however, WESTAF makes no claims to the quality, security or usability of these third-party applications or services.

  1. Online Photo Editor:
  2. Online Audio Editor:
  3. Online PDF Editor: