Important Eligibility Requirements

Number of Permissible Applications Organizations may submit ONLY ONE application. You must select either OSP or CCSD. If you are planning to apply to other sources of Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) funds from the City, you may not also apply to the Commission for Arts and Culture for funding.

Saving Your Work

The system will not automatically save your work at any point – including when you move from page to page or when you exit the system. It is very important that you remember to use the “Save Work” button located on the bottom of each application page.

Character Limits

Every narrative question has a character limit that the system will not allow you to exceed. These limits are displayed under each question as you enter text into the input box. While it is possible to enter text directly into the box, we recommend that you compose your answers in your word processing software, save it there, then cut and paste into the online form.

Formatting Text

The system will not allow formatting such as bold face or underlining. If you want to emphasize something, you may use CAPITAL LETTERS or perhaps ***asterisks*** will accomplish this goal.

Spell Check

The system does not spell check. This is another good reason to use your word processor and then cut and paste.