Important Eligibility Requirements

Funding programs managed by the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture eligibility requirements vary by program. For eligibility requirements please review funding program guidelines prior to applying. Below is a summary of basic eligibility requirements for the Organizational Support Program and Creative Communities San Diego Program.
  • NONPROFIT STATUS: Your organization holds tax-exempt nonprofit status under section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code; AND
  • HISTORY OF OPERATIONS: has a three-year history of operating with its own independent governing board (not under a fiscal sponsor); AND
  • SERVICE AREA: The majority of your organization’s activities take place within the limits of the city of San Diego and/or benefit San Diego residents. (Activities are defined as those produced or presented by your organization that are essential to the fulfillment of your organization’s mission. Under this definition, and with some exceptions, activities do not include tuition based/fee for service classes, touring, and cultural tourism marketing activities); AND
  • MISSION ALIGNMENT: Your organization operates to fulfill a mission that obviously aligns with the purpose of TOT funding which is
    1. To enhance the economy;
    2. To contribute to San Diego’s national and international reputation as a cultural destination;
    3. To provide access to excellence in culture and the arts for residents and visitors; and
    4. To enrich the lives of the people of San Diego; and
    5. To build healthy, vital neighborhoods.
Your organization is NOT eligible for a contract award if:
  • SCHOOLS: Your organization is a university, community college, school district, or private educational enterprise.
  • REGRANTING: Your organization’s primary purpose is grantmaking.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Your organization has applied or will apply for Fiscal Year 2019 funds through another TOT category as defined in Council Policy 100-03.